Meet the man said to be the inspiration for ‘Indiana Jones’ Jan15


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Meet the man said to be the inspiration for ‘Indiana Jones’

By Kim Kuizon, FOX 13 News

SARASOTA (FOX 13) – Doctor Roy Chapman Andrews juggled many different titles in his lifetime.”He was an explorer, paleontologist, collector and director of The American Museum of Natural History,” said Andrew Ford, with Sarasota State Auction.As legend would have it, Andrews was also the inspiration for Hollywood’s “Indiana Jones.”

“He started at the bottom. He was maintenance at night, he was cleaning the museum, and 11 years later he was the director of the American Museum of Natural History,” Ford explained.

Ford can tell you all about this real life Indiana Jones. He recently bought Doctor Andrew’s collection for about six digits.

Ford and his crew went to California to retrieve truckloads of relics, many of which had not been touched in more than 30 years.

“We did have that treasure hunter feel as we were going through some of the boxes that were in warehouses and hadn’t been disturbed over several decades,” he said.

Dr. Andrew spent years exploring Mongolia and China. On the trips, he would bring back Imperial pieces and fossils, not only for his own collection, but also for many well-known museums.

“He traveled with a prince of Mongolia with direct ties to Genghis Khan. This prince allowed him to get into all sorts of royal palaces and different collections. Allowing him to purchase these things at the time,” Ford said.

Now they are up for auction in Sarasota. Ford hopes they will end up in the hands of collectors hoping to carry on Doctor Andrew’s legacy.

“My hope is that through the global distribution of auctions these will find their ways into many different institutions as well as personal collections,” he said.

The Auction starts at noon on Saturday, January 17 at Sarasota Estate Auction, 6030 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota