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Buying Used is the Best Way to Go Green

Buying Used is the Best Way to Go Green

Published in The Antique Shoppe

by Elizabeth Lathrop Ford

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is now a popular slogan as more and more people look for ways to cut down on waste, conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

While everyone is familiar with sustainable practices such as saving water and energy, and recycling paper, metals and plastics, the “reuse” part is also catching on.

Our foot traffic did not slow down one bit over the summer at Sarasota Trading Company and Ford Art and Antiques in Sarasota, and we are seeing a wide range of customers from newly married couples looking to furnish their homes on a budget, to collectors searching for that next great find.

I grew up around antiques and my grandmother was an artist. It warms my heart to know that pre-owned merchandise and art are getting a second life, and in many cases, a third, fourth or twentieth life. Often they get a better life, such as Items that were once utilitarian being transformed into fine art. Whether it’s a signed piece with an illustrious provenance or a unique item with an unknown past, people buy what speaks to them, and that’s the way to do it. Your appreciation is what matters most.

Let’s face it, that old stuff is just better quality. That’s why it’s still around. To match the workmanship, attention to detail and durability of many older pieces would cost a fortune to duplicate today. Why would you buy a newer version, the 30th generation copy made from inferior materials, when you can buy the original for less money? Why buy something made from artificial, sometimes toxic materials, when you can buy the one that was handmade from real wood?

So if you’re a yard sale junkie, thrift shop shopper, or just love to decorate your home with antiques, congratulate yourself. You’re helping to reduce waste and your own ecological footprint (and saving yourself some cash!).

Elizabeth Lathrop Ford is co-owner with her husband, Andrew, of Sarasota Trading Company, Ford Art and Antiques and Sarasota Estate Auction in Sarasota, Florida.